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Meet Our Safe Staff


Soft Beginners (0-6 months) and Safe Starters (6-12 months)

Amazing Movers (12-18 months) and Safe Steppers (18-24 months)

Gloria Hence

I am a child care provider and teacher for infants and toddlers. Being a mother at the tender age of 13, molded me to be a nurturing person; as I've been a caretaker now for many years. I have been in the child care industry for 20+ years, as well as working in other environments with children such as the Waterloo Community Schools, and Boys and Girls Club. I do what I do because becoming a mother at such a young age has taught me how to be an inspiring, whole hearted caretaker for others. I want to leave every child I come in contact with to remember at least one positive thing that I may have done or said to help them achieve their goals along the way. I know that I am placed in this position as God put me here to help others along this life's journey. I want my Great-Grandchildren and others that I've inspired along the way to have happy memories of me (their GG), so when they hear my name, they smile and know that in their heart I've had a positive impact on their life. 

~ Gloria Hence

I am from Waterloo Iowa, where I currently teach at Safe Care Learning Center. I have been in the childcare business for about 8 years. I love interacting with children and making them smile everyday. What I have accomplished over the years is my daycare license and becoming more involved within the community, all while being a great mom of 3 beautiful children myself, whom I love “to the moon and back”. I love being a teacher not only to inspire the children, but also because parents need our support, as it can be a struggle when doing everything on your own. Outside of work I am all about family and doing activities together all while having a good time. I love to dance even though my oldest made the statement “ Mom you dance like George Jefferson” ( while laughing) but I assured her that won't stop me from enjoying myself. Safe Care lLearning Center is the place for your children and family to feel close to home.

~ Janice Williams

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