A Letter From The Director










Welcome safe friends, families, and partners to Safe Care website! As A Family-Oriented child development learning center, Safe Care assures that your family will experience a home away from home learning environment. Our children are respected, our staff is responsible, our parents are always welcomed, and our community is all inclusive!


Safe Care Learning Center will continue to provide opportunities to: develop our children, develop our families, develop our schools and educators so we can all experience a contribution to developing our growing community "The Safe Way". 

Thank you very much for the opportunity of allowing me to share over a decade of experience in early childhood education while I’ve continued to enhance my knowledge for professional development. My aspirations for our Safe Care Family is to help grow our children to future leaders. I have a personal love and passion, with goals, to help families grow so they can experience a personal contribution to their families, our schools and our community. I’m committed to accomplishing this goal by personally growing so I can continue to make my personal contribution to invest in growing our families, our schools and our community The Safe Way.


As communication is important to help us understand about things we deal with in our everyday lives, communication is the key to unlock the resources needed to help grow our families lives.


It is my hope that you’ll join me with understanding the belief that you too possess the necessary traits, skills, tools and resources to help entire families grow by supporting Safe Care Learning Center’s effort to provide safe, quality, childcare in a loving and nurturing environment. 

I personally want to thank each one of you and welcome you to use the key to unlock the The Safe Way to early childhood education.

It is of great importance for you all to know who it is that desires to serve you & your family. Each family should feel welcome and at ease when it comes to your children being left in our care.


Kimberly Kemp

Owner / Director



Administrative Team

ZaKeya Bailey

Office Manager & Enrollment Intake


Kalaziah Bruce

Assistant Center Supervisor


Brittani Larrew

Project Senior Manager & Development