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Building On A Safe Foundation

Our Curriculum is based on Iowa Early Learning Standards key areas of learning from Infants to 4 years of age:

  • Social & Emotional Development

  • Approaches to Learning

  • Creative Arts

  • Safe S.T.E.M

  • Physical Well-Being & Motor Development

  • Social Studies

  • Communication, Language, & Literacy

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Safe To Learn​ Fundamentals

Safe To Learn Fundamentals teaches children between the ages of 5 to 12 years old all the steps you need to become successful entrepreneurs. Safe To learn also encourages meeting virtually with your local community school during the Online District Requirements class while attending our center. This course is mainly focused on families that have chosen virtual learning / home schooling. Our Safe To Learn Fundamentals consist of 6 main area courses which include:

  • Life Skills & Goals

  • Entrepreneur Academy

  • Online District Requirement

  • Health & Safety

  • Physical & Mental Well-Being

  • Safe Finance Investments

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