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Our classrooms are broken down into sizes that are age and developmentally appropriate for the children. This, along with teacher to child ratio is to ensure the children receive the time & attention they deserve. Below is that breakdown of all classrooms:

  •  Infant (6 weeks-12 months) classroom- Supporting infant needs to be nurtured.

    •  1 year classroom- Begin learning new things about themselves & the world around them.

  • 2 year classroom-  Transitioning from nurturing care to structure & independence.

  • 3 year classroom- Help jump start early entry into preschool learning

  • Preschool (4 year old) classroom- Preparing for Kindergarten. Not only learning but self-esteem & confidence.

  • School aged classroom- Challenging creativity problem solving & decision making.



Our curriculum is based around the 7 following content areas:

  1. Physical Well-Being & Motor Development

  2. Approaches to Learning 

  3. Social & Emotional Development

  4. Communication Language & Literacy

  5. Mathematics & Science

  6. Creative Arts

  7. Social Studies