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Reminder to Parents:

  • Please bring bi-weekly/ monthly schedules

  • Be sure to sign your child in & out daily on the Signage sheet located in their classroom.

  • Bring an extra change of clothes for accidents!

  • If child is expected to be absent, please call & let us know. Communication is highly important! 

  • Check your child's bag or cubbyhole when picking up to receive daily report.

  • If your child is ill, please attempt to make other arrangements for care, to stop the spread of viruses.


 We will continue to have Safe Care Learning Center t-shirts for sale. They will cost $20. Contact one of the staff to get yours today. 

Health & Safety:

Safe Care Learning Center strives to provide a fun, healthy and safe environment so we can  safely grow to be at our fullest potential. Here are just a few things we can do to ensure that!

  • Come ready for the day. Clean clothes, face & pamper.

  • Teach your child to brush their teeth  TWICE a day for 2 minutes.

  • Help your child to continue to wash their hands before and after meals. Also after using the restroom and playing outside.

  • Dress your children for winter weather: Socks, hat & gloves.

  • In Summer weather: Loose, Light clothing avoiding dark clothes not to absorb sun rays.